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Dungeons & Dragons


Join Anime-zing Escape every Thursday for
D&D Encounters: Neverwinter

Join our Facebook group:  AZE Dungeons & Dragons

We have limited space, so sign up or call us to reserve your spot!

**Please contact us at 770-914-8282 to sign up to play or if you are interested in being a DM**

What is D&D Encounters?
D&D Encounters is an in-store weekly mini-campaign played out one encounter per session, with sessions every Wednesday. Each week, you gain Renown Points for accomplishments made both in-game and out-of-game. Points earn you exclusive rewards that you can apply to your current and future D&D Encounters characters.
D&D Encounters seasons rotate every few months, giving you the opportunity to try new adventure settings multiple times per year!

What Do I Need to Play?
Each D&D Encounters season is a new mini-campaign experience. You can jump in anytime. Pre-generated characters are always available for play, and some seasons will give you the option to create your own character.

What Do I Need to DM?
If you are going to DM, your store organizer will have all the adventure materials you need to prepare to run the weekly sessions, including the adventure, maps, and tokens to represent the characters, monsters, and other game elements. Preparing for a game couldn’t be easier; simply read the background material and prep the encounter for that week!

What Kind of Rewards Do I Earn?
Players earn exclusive D&D Encounters cards that provide your character with in-game benefits that can be applied to your current season’s character and future seasons’ characters. DMs earn different valuable game aids as a thank you for running D&D Encounters sessions.  (please contact us if you're interested in being a DM)

Anime-zing Escape
1082 Jonesboro Rd
McDonough, GA  30253

If you are interested in being a DM for a campaign at our store, please call us at 770-914-8282 for details!


Star Wars RPG
The current Star Wars campaign is full.  

If you are interested in being a GM and running a new campaign at our store, please call us at 770-914-8282 for details!
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